Three ways to apply empathy in technology

1. Empathy for our users

We need to be responsible with our users, and part of that responsibility is doing our best to feel their struggles and understand what they really need, which is not always what they or our stakeholders ask for.

2. Empathy for our teams and industry

The challenge to do our industry more evenly must be everybody’s responsibility.

Nurture the industry talent is not just about giving fancy roles or positions, is also about taking care of who works next to you and help them to develop their potential.

3. Empathy as the trigger to solve the right problems

We have the power to solve problems, but our responsibility should steer to solve the right ones, and there is where we are not doing a good job




Product Designer at Able

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Eder Rengifo

Eder Rengifo

Product Designer at Able

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