Things I learned as Designer in Tech

As a brief introduction, I have been working in technology as designer for almost 9 years. I have been able to work in interesting projects, travel to interesting places and meet amazing professionals. At this point of my journey, I would like to look back and share some learned lessons I would have loved to hear when I started my career.

You are a problem solver first

Do not be a slave of the process, learn from it

Your Figma/Sketch file organization matters, but the codebase is way more important

Don’t limit yourself to a tool

Validate assumptions all the time.

You do not need to invent every interaction from scratch

Understand the purpose of a Design System

Take advantage of your teammates knowledge and creativity

You can be a quarterback for you team

Work with an engineering mindset

Communication and empathy matters a lot

Everything is about patterns

Design progressively

You are paid by a company to generate value

Learn from everything

Do not disconnect from the world

Design with a purpose

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