The design lasted a little more than 3 weeks. The most difficult part was to raise an original idea from simple mechanics that I was supposed to develop, a underestimation because the developing was much more complex to what it was supposed to be. After some options, I chose to follow on something that seemed very interesting to me; Chinese art.

First brief sketch of the concept made in a couple of hours
Final design approved for me before go to code


The next step was the main challenge; transferring all of the theory to practice. Even considering the limited information available about Swift, I decided that Swift would be my first language, partly because of the ease of learning compared to Objetive C, and partly for the future that awaits the language within the Apple environment.

Some of the more than 2,000 lines of code on Swift using Sprite Kit framework

Music & Stories

After testing with a code to a 90% then begins the stage of composing all sounds. This stage is where I lived Steve Jobs’s famous speech at Stanford about connecting points.Thanks to everything I’ve learned years before I could compose an original main theme that would serve as background for the scene, and other sounds to show new scenes or interactions.The music follows the same guideline the original concept of oriental art.The main theme was composed of a base of piano chords that were repeated constantly, under a chello playing a melody to support and on it a guitar to play the main melody. Quite enough to acclimate the scene.

I usually use Ableton Live to compose (in Windows), but as I was working in apple environment, Garage Band was enough.
The Story at the bottom of the Game Scene
A real screenshot of the downloaded game on an iPhone 6



Product Designer at Automattic

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