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  • Linzi Berry

    Linzi Berry

    Design Systems Manager at Lyft

  • Michael Dubakov

    Michael Dubakov

    Fibery founder https://fibery.io. I write about systems, software development and products.

  • Ken Norton

    Ken Norton

    More essays at bringthedonuts.com

  • Haraldur Thorleifsson

    Haraldur Thorleifsson

    CEO/Founder at Ueno.

  • Vero Rebagliatte

    Vero Rebagliatte

  • Anastasiia Grianchenko

    Anastasiia Grianchenko

    Freelance UX/UI Designer, Webflow developer. Also ELISH founder joinelish.com. Say hi to me at anastasia@joinelish.com.

  • Adam Solove

    Adam Solove

    Building the web. Everything should be faster.

  • Miles Fitzgerald

    Miles Fitzgerald

    Principal Product Design Manager @Microsoft for Outlook Mobile. Views are my own.

  • Melody Quintana

    Melody Quintana

    Designer, writer, and toddler-chaser. Currently unleashing creative energy @dropbox. Formerly @facebook, @thetileapp, @svaixd.

  • Joel Besada

    Joel Besada

    Software indie | Previously engineer @Shopify (Shop app), @tictail | Also building things at @MinMaxGG

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