A fight for democracy

A young protester looking at the Peruvian flag.

A bit of Context

Peru, as many other countries in the world, has an interesting relationship with democracy. Our democracy has been interrupted many times by dictatorships during our 200 years of being a republic. Our last dictatorship happened between 1990 and 2000 with Alberto Fujimori. He took control over a country devastated by a deep economical crisis and the thread of terrorism in the shape of Sendero Luminoso and MRTA. These terrorist organizations were defeated during mid 90s, but they also gave Fujimori the excuse to take control over the 3 powers of the state. During his rule a new constitution was written in order to prepare the country for free-market, but also to ensure that Fujimori, with the control of the congress and the presidency, could control key institutions.

A long week of protests

All the series of events I'm gonna narrate happened in the lapse of one week. A week that will probably change our political landscape for the following decades and has named a whole generation.

A young guy waving a Peruvian flag
  1. Cancel our next elections to happen in April, 2021, so they can extend their power (although he denied try to go for it)
  2. Stop the Educational reform started years ago that means strict rules for private education. Some parties in congress were funded by money from private universities with very low quality standards.
  3. Release from jail some people like Antauro Humala, a former military who tried a coup by killing police men (Hugo Chavez style).
  4. Put in charge ministers from far-right movements of our political spectrum. The selected prime minister was an openly racist and misogynist character.
A protester holding a sign rejecting Merino as president. They were protesting in front of the Palace of Justice.
This photo turns viral. Young people use all type of creative modern references in order to be loud and protect themselves against the virus.
Protesters from the first line facing the police during the protest on Thursday. Many of them were soccer fans from different teams now working together to protect other protestors and push their way to the congress.
Soccer fans and volunteers were crucial to take care of injured people. He was shot at the face and lost his eye.
Protest were mostly peaceful in all the country, but near to congress protestors were attacked by police and they defend themselves with crafted shields.
Protestors couldn't reach congress because of the use of teargas bombs, but they continued waving the flags.
Different collectives like moto riders joined the protests.

An opportunity for a new dawn

In July of 2021 the country celebrates 200 years since we declared our independency from Spain and the republic was founded. That's our "bicentenary" and for that reason, those young people who led the protests are called the Bicentennial Generation now, a title that recognizes the efforts of this generation to lead important changes, to keep and improve our fragile democracy, and move forward our society so we can be ready to face challenges like equality, diversity and global warming. Issues that new generations seem to understand better than the politicians who are in charge, for now.

Miguel Grau and Francisco Bolognesi, national heroes who fought against Chile in the Pacific War that happened 100 years ago welcoming Inti and Bryan in heaven.



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